Daniel Griffith as Hipster Waldo

Here’s a real life picture of Daniel (with demonic cat) for comparison.


Finally, here is Griffith, Daniel captured in sharpie as he fancily floats on fart fumes.






Rebecca Black vs The Beatles


Infographic of the Day: Don’t mind me, I’m just dropping this off and then I’ll be on my way. I hope that’s not a problem.

Wall O Money Web App

Adam over at PomoMusings had a great blog post concerning Youth Ministry fundraisers. I was on staff for a decade leading local church youth ministries, and I can tell ya fundraising SUCKED. Adam’s idea is dead simple. I commented that I thought he could leverage social funding sites (kickstarter) and make a handy dandy website. Here is a simple (read: rough) wireframe.



Christianity Should Be Violent

Agree or Disagree?

Urgent or Important: Does Today Always Trump Tomorrow?

Best Wedding Invite Ever.


Your move Daniel


Tiny Concert: Tallest Man on Earth NPR Music

Absolutly love this!

[via Don Miller]