Now that I am not “Professional Christian Rolemodel”, I have no voice. I am “just a layperson”. I don’t have any authority to critique the church. (sidenote: where does this authority come from anyway?)

Strange! When I had a paid role in the church, as a pastor/staffer, I wasn’t allowed to critique it because that was disloyal.  It was hypocritical & disrespectful. I was biting the hand that fed me.

Now that I am no longer on paid staff at any church, I’m not allowed because I’m no longer a part of the club and I’m just bashing. I’m considered bitter or resentful. I have no right to critique something I’m not a part of.

My Conclusion: there is an incredible agenda to protect the machine that gives some power and silences all other voices. It just becomes more clear to me the further away from it I am.

I love the church, believe in its right to be, and am passionate about people gathering in healthy ways. I’m critiquing only that which is wrong with the institution, that which doesn’t belong, and that which would and does pollute and compromise her.


Thoughts? Pushback?


*Note: The title “The Rock and a hard place” is in no way based upon my weekend in Vegas with Dwayne Johnson.[[posterous-content:bzEBmFHGyvJHpwHifuxu]]

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