Wearing socks with sandals may be very uncool, but not socks with Vibram Five Fingers!  These socks are specially designed to be worn with vibam shoes, and you don’t look like a nerd in the process.  The following article gives a great review if you are thinking about buying socks to go with your Five Fingers.  I personally would not want to use them, but I understand why a lot of people would! Enjoy!




Adding Socks: Injinji to the rescue

I’ve read about people running long distances in FF and getting blisters so really wanting some kind of sock/liner for their runners. For me, it’s as the weather dips below freezing, and i can’t wear sandals anymore, these shoes are just too thin or bare for the outdoors – heck, even indoors the other day, i felt my toes getting cold.

Vibram itself points to the San Diego sock maker Injinji. Injinji makes high tech toe socks. After going through the multiple fittings of all the above models of FiveFingers, the thought of having to do it all again to get shoes that fit with socks made me want to throw forks. But i had hope from online forums: only Keith of the above KSO review deliberately got a bigger size shoe to wear with his socks.

In my experience, even with the snug Flows, one does not need to get a bigger size Five Fingers to wear the toe socks. As far as i can tell, here’s why, at least for me (your mileage may differ). In my case, i already have considerable give in both the Classic and the Sprint, so no problem with socks for these.

Also, The socks make the toe a wee bit thicker, rather than particularly longer. If you try on your five fingers, you’ll likely find that your toes don’t necessarily super squeeze right up to the tip of the toe and pull. At that point your toe would likely be about to be bent by the shoe. So, as for thickness – there’s a LOT of give in the stretchy material of the Five Fingers – even with the neoprene. So fatter, no problem. With the KSO/FLow where the fit seems to be better, likewise, there still seems to be sufficient length and definitely enough lateral stretch to feel pretty comfy. Again, you *may* want to check this especially if you’re running but i’m pretty happy with the length/thickness issue.

The ability to get these socks has meant that i can now wear these shoes standing still and not get cold feet – literally. They’re available in the US at REI.com and KillerSocks.com. If you’re outside the US, good luck. It’s international order time again, it seems except for australia. Hi injinji australia!

Update Nov 24, 2008: Injinji in the EU. Injinji has said they are in the process of opening their European Distribution Central warehouse in Spain. They recommend contacting info@injinji.es in the interim about getting socks till they’re fully up and running.

Injinji Socks on their own: cool toes.

Just a note on the injinji – these are cool technical socks. Injinji make less “technical” socks, but the Performance socks are thin, cool max, durable blends that come in black and white and three lengths: micro, mini-crew and crew. I have only been wearing these in the Five Fingers so far so can’t comment on how they feel in “normal” shoes, but they felt great simply to walk or lie around in at home. One of the biggies is that it’s actually easier with these socks on to watch how the foot moves in a gait. Anyway, i look foward to trying their Outdoor and Comfort models. […]

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