Here is nother article about what people are saying about the wonderful Vibram Five Fingers.  It looks like this craze just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  And for good reason too,  everyone is saying how great they are for their muscles, legs, and joints.  For a more natural way of walking and running, Vibrams takes the cake!



The hottest thing in footwear isn’t Louboutins or Manolos. Not Kobes or LeBrons either, and not Reefs or Crocs.

No, the hottest, coolest frill for the feet is Vibram FiveFingers, a glovelike shoe with separate pockets for each of those five little piggies — like Japanese tabi taken to the max.

These toe-tickling treasures are getting a boost from the resurgence in barefoot running and studies showing that less is more when it comes to athletic footwear. Everyone from soldiers to yoga instructors is stuffing their toes into them. What’s more, men are collecting FiveFingers like some women might collect the latest stilettos.

“I got a glimpse of the 2011 lineup, and I look forward to buying more,” wrote Staff Sgt. Tim Burton, an Army Reserve officer from Fort Shafter, in an e-mail from Iraq, where he is on deployment. “I already have four and don’t expect to stop.”

Burton said he wears his FiveFingers often in Iraq. “The temperatures get up to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit here and they are perfect because they allow my feet to breathe while I run … on paved roads, off-road in the rocks, across sand and on a treadmill. They allow me to feel everything below me and I have a better grasp of my surroundings.”

Tropical Blends on Queen Street is one of five authorized FiveFingers retailers on Oahu. “We just can’t get enough of them in the store,” said store owner Keff Carter.

Tracey Russell, owner of Wheatgrass Center in Kaimuki, said the shoes draw odd stares at first, but they’ve been flying off the shelves the two years she’s been selling them for prices ranging from $85 to $135.

Russell said she has sold FiveFingers to hikers, tennis players and anyone who puts the foot to heavy use. Surfers and kayakers like them because they protect them from reefs and rocky shorelines. She said she also has sold them to surgeons who have to stand for hours on end, and to an elderly man who walked in with a cane and forgot it walking out in his new FiveFingers.

“I love them,” said Louise Tremblay, a Wheatgrass customer. “I brought my sister here to get herself some. I have better balance, and the muscles in my calves and legs are better.”

Wearing FiveFingers takes some getting used to. With the bottom of the foot covered, the temptation is to walk or run as if wearing regular shoes. But the heels are not padded as running shoes are, so landing hard on the heel will soon cause pain.