App by Rovio
Ranked #1 Paid App in many many countries

When I got my iPhone I swore to myself, God, and everyone that I would never purchase an App.  I figured I pay enough to have an iPhone and there are plenty of awesome FREE iPhone apps out there.  When I heard about Angry Birds I downloaded the (free) app and was hooked.  I strived to get 3 stars on all the levels day and night.  With only 12 levels on the free version I was left yearning for more!  And so I did what most humans do, give into temptation.  I splurged all of 99 cents and bought my FIRST APP!  But let me say it was the best purchase of my life.  There were so many more levels and bird characters it blew my mind!  This game shouldn’t be as fun as I believe it is, but I can’t get enough.

If you have yet to play this app sensation, the basic point of the game is to slingshot uber-pissed off birds into egg-stealing pigs and make them explode into points.  Depending on how many points you earn on each level determines if you get one, two, or three stars upon successful completion of each level.

So, if you get hooked as I did and want to go all out and buy the paid version I suggest you save up a whole buck and buy this overly fun game.  And if you have any suggestions on other fun apps to try out, let us know!  We love trying out new game apps!